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Why is Snooki trying to sell me headphones?

Journeys on the outskirts of the celebrity C-list: A product like the mRobo Ultra Bass dancing audio player is pretty marginal by any standard, so it was somewhat odd to head over to Tosy’s booth at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) only to find hundreds of people massed, mostly being polite about having to stand for 45 minutes while gruff private security with Secret Service-type earpieces barked at them from time to time (one of the press photographers on hand referred to them as “jabronis,” which seemed rather apt). Of course, even in the consumer electronics world there is a very good chance that many of those present weren’t aware of the company, which is notable for being the first Vietnamese robotics company and the makers of a ping-pong playing humanoid robot. But that’s OK. That’s not why I was there. I was there for the Bieb.

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5 Minutes on The Verge: Peter Kirn of Create Digital Music

Peter Kirn is a composer / musician, media artist, educator, technology writer, and the creator and editor of one of our favorite websites, Create Digital Music. When not busy making music (and writing about it for various publications), he’s somehow found time to author Real World Digital Audio from Peachpit Press and edit our current favorite airport read, Keyboard Presents: the Evolution of Electronic Dance Music (Backbeat). We’d like to thank him from taking time from his current move to Berlin to answer a few questions.

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5 Minutes on The Verge: R.U. Sirius

Ken “R. U. Sirius” Goffman first gained substantial notoriety as the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Mondo 2000 in 1989. Since then, he’s been in movies, a band (Mondo Vanilli), podcasts, and authored a number of books (including Counterculture Through the Ages and Design for Dying with Timothy Leary). He also ran for president in 2000 as the candidate for The Revolution Party — sadly, he lost. Currently you can find him at Acceler8or, a website that bills itself as “your thoroughfare to all the best transhumanist bits and bytes, with a side order of strangeness and charm.”

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