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I’m on The Vergecast!

As pre-millenials, The Vergecasters are ancient enough to remember when an IM was no more ruthless than a little yellow man that said “ding” a lot through a crusty ol’ 2400-baud Sportster. Now, all the IM’s come through FiOS and look more like D-grade Bollywood stars…or do they? Hear the complex story of the modern Internet Marketer unfold before your ears here, in this, the Thirtieth Vergecast of the twenty-first century.

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Scamworld: ‘Get rich quick’ schemes mutate into an online monster

From Boing Boing: “The Verge’s Joseph L. Flatley delves into the world of Internet marketing scams (those stupid spam pitches you get for “lead generation” and such) in eye-watering detail. Fundamentally, these things are exactly what they appear to be: con artists who suck money out of desperate people by lying to them about the money they can make with “work from home” businesses. They’re pyramid schemes. But Flatley lingers on the personalities, the histories, the motivations and the unique innovations that the Internet has given rise to, providing insight into the feel of being inside one of these desperate, sweaty scams.”

The New Yorker calls it: “[a] fun piece… about the dark, wacky world of Internet con men.”

Kiplinger’s says: “In the age of internet marketing, ‘get rich quick’ scams have evolved way beyond the point of fruitless envelope-stuffing and fake work-at-home jobs. Now national syndicates trick their victims out of tens of thousands of dollars before disappearing into the digital ether.”

O’Reilly Radar: “amazing deconstruction of the online ‘get rich quick’ scam business.”

And Andy Jenkins says: “I’ve been bitten by a rattlesnake… stung by a scorpion, and attacked by an asp.”

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