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When animals attract: Inside Anthrocon, the Furry utopia

If you’ve been mercifully cut off from the more absurd aspects of internet culture since, well, the dawn of the world wide web, you might wonder what Anthrocon is exactly. First, you have to be acquainted with furry fandom. A “furry,” in their lingo, is an anthropomorphic animal: Bugs Bunny, for example. He contains the characteristics of a rabbit — the tail, the ears, the buck teeth — as well as those of a human. He walks upright, and he presumably has vocal cords that allow him to speak English. Kids love this shit. And sometimes kids grow into adults that love this shit, as well. And some of them don’t just love the funny animals, as they’re known. They want to become funny animals, and they purchase several-thousand-dollar fursuits to make their transformation into an anthropomorphic beast feel a little more real. These people, the fans of funny half-human / half-animals who spend so much time buying comics, creating artwork, and developing full-scale animal personas, or “fursonas,” are known as furries. Their biggest in real life meet and greet is Anthrocon, which takes place annually in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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Yasha Levine: using the web to fight ‘journalistic malpractice’

In the United States, the question of who is (and isn’t) a journalist has always been hotly debated, but in the age of blogs and web-only news organizations the issue is more important than ever. For Yasha Levine, a founding editor of The Exiled, this isn’t rhetorical — and he has the mugshot to prove it (or he will, as soon as he gets around to asking for one).

Yasha and I recently spent an hour talking about the rise of Russian-style politics in this country, Occupy LA, the hazards of going against the media mainstream, and what The Exiled is doing about “journalistic malpractice.”

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Mitt Romney goes to Scamworld: Prosper, Inc. and its powerful friends


One of the biggest boiler rooms in America has ties that could lead all the way to the White House

Commenters on The Verge agree!

Congratulations, Joseph L. Flatley. Your poor attempt at a political hit piece, complete with sensationalized headline just cost The Verge a regular reader. Sad to see what is otherwise an excellent tech site stoop to this kind of “journalism.”
— ljc1423

This was disingenuous and in poor taste.
— Modred189

Add me as another name on the pile who thinks that this, while mostly an interesting follow-up to Scamworld, ends up feeling like a lefty hit piece with an atrociously irresponsible headline.
— RainingGlitteryMind

This “Romney to Scamworld” is nothing more than a lame, deceptively titled hit piece. I am extremely disappointed, as I have quickly come to expect much better than this here at the Verge.

This Joseph Flatley character, if that is his real name, should be ashamed of his laziness and unprofessionalism, and he no longer has any credibility with this reader. The Verge has seriously damaged its brand with this garbage.

Both the author and the editors owe the readers a sincere apology.
— ffarkle

If I wanted to read thinly veiled hit pieces on the GOP then I would go to MSNBC.
— mike.may85

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