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From The Fountainhead to the Furries: Ten links for fans of Ayn Rand

I channel surfed upon a movie called Ayn Rand and The Prophecy of Atlas Shrugged this evening. Despite the kudos from Dennis Miller, it turns out that it isn’t very good. As usually happens when I’m in front of the TV, I ended up doing some research into the subject from the couch. This quickly led me down a “rabbit hole” of Objectivist weirdness.

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The End: A journey through America’s doomsday obsession

“The End” is a five-part series I wrote for The Verge documenting a diverse group of Americans connected by a common thread — each is here to warn us about the cataclysmic possibilities that the future holds. I was attracted to these people and their stories, as implausible as they might seem, because I think they say something about who we are and the times we live in.