Archive - January 17, 2014

My friend Jason Louv did an excellent break down of the facts and myths surrounding Neurolinguistic Programming, and since this is a topic that interests me (and since he gave me a nice shout-out in the text!) I’m sharing it with all of you.

Something of an outgrowth of the weird loony-libertarian west coast of the 1970s, the founders of NLP originally hoped that human beings could be reprogrammed like solid state computers — using the power of language, and a methodology that completely underestimates the complexity and intelligence of people. Needless to say, some forty-ish years later NLP has been discredited as a therapy, although it seems to have achieved some usefulness as part of the arsenal of scammers, pick-up artists and marketing weirdos. It’s in this context that some background of NLP is probably quite useful. Even if you don’t believe that these tricks work, you’ll want to know when you’re encountering someone who thinks that they work… so you can avoid them at all costs.

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