“Beyond lies the wub” dubstep mix

Soundtrack to a story I wrote called “Beyond lies the wub: the strange history of dubstep.”

  • Super Sharp Shooter White Label (1999)
  • Oxide and Neutrino: Bound 4 Da Reload (Casualty). EastWest (1999)
  • E.S Dubs: Standard Hoodlum Issue (Zed Bias Mix 1). Social Circles (1999)
  • Horsepower Productions: Gorgon Sound. Tempa (2000)
  • Skream: Midnight Request Line. Tempa (2005)
  • P. Dutty and Pinch: War Dub. Tectonic (2005)
  • Pinch: Qawwali. Planet Mu (2006)
  • Benga: 26 Basslines. Tempa (2008)
  • Chase & Status: Eastern Jam. RAM Records (2008)
  • Snoop Dogg: Snoop Dogg Millionaire. Terrorhythm Recordings (2009)
  • Skrillex and The Doors: Breakn’ A Sweat. Big Beat (2011)
  • Joker & Ginz: Purple City. Kapsize (2009)
  • Rusko: Cockney Thug. Sub Soldiers (2009)
  • Genetix: Hangin’. Z Audio (2010)
  • Dieselboy, Mark Instinct, Bare: Murder Machine. Subhuman (2011)
  • Bare: Enemies. Subhuman (2012)
  • Flux Pavilion: Daydreamer (Extended version). Warner Music UK Ltd. (2012)

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